The Mini-AVIM connector has been developed after market request of a smaller and lighter version of our acclaimed AVIM connector for harsh environment, especially space applications. The Mini-AVIM combines two leading edge technologies: the AVIM MILstyle ratchet system and the base construction of Diamond Micro Interface (DMI) connector. Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) availability and economy backed by component availability from stock and quick turnaround of terminations and assemblies. The Mini-AVIM is aligned precisely in rotation and therefore it can be used for both standard SM and MM fibers, as well as for PM technologies and multi-fiber ferrules. Our Power Solution (PS) technology can also be applyied to this connector.


Available as: Polarization Maintaining (PM) version

Available as: Power Solution technology

Available as: High Temperature version up to 150° C (302°F)

Available for: VIS/NIR - Low wavelength



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