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Featured products

Expanded Beam
Diamond introduces a modular DM4 Multipurpose Insert that allows for configuration of each termini and can be assembled to meet your specifications. The optical termini are also available with our new Expanded Beam (XB) lensed technology ensuring easy maintenance and a high rate of mating cycles with a low risk for damage.

AVIM® Space Grade
Applications requiring high performance fiber optic connectors, especially in the field of Mil / Space / Avionics, will benefit from the AVIM Family’s vibration / shock / radiation / temperature resistance.

Product Launch

Diamond introduces the Compact DM4 to further enhance our line of reliable and versatile connectors. The Compact DM4 incorporates four optical or electrical termini making it ideal for hybrid applications. The optical termini are built using our proprietary Active Core Alignment process to ensure unparalleled core concentricity and superior optical performance.

  • Light and compact Aluminum housing
  • Easily pluggable connection
  • Four hybrid optical/electrical termini
  • Ideally suited for dry applications and high-density packaging solutions

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  • Scheme DM4 insert with possible connector shells
    DM4 modular approach with hybrid optical and electrical termini
  • AVIM® Family Space Grade Interconnects
  • Easy to handle Expanded Beam Interconnects