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    Push-Pull Circular Connector

Y-Circ® P Fiber Optic Connector

Two innovative and well-established companies have collaborated to develop the optical version of the Push-Pull Circular Connector Y-Circ® P Series, which is originally designed and manufactured in Germany by Yamaichi Electronics. Our team joined forces to integrate high-performance optical contacts within high quality push-pull circular connector housings.

Starting with an initial single-channel execution that features an optical channel incorporated into a size 12 Y-Circle P - B series (IP50) body, development plans to present multi-channel hybrid solutions in the near future, more specifically a 2 + 2 optical and electric version that will be incorporated into size 18 housings.

Available optical Technologies:

Additionally, an expansion of the portfolio according to different applications is envisaged. The goal is to integrate the different optical technologies available in the Diamond product portfolio. These include SM, MM, PM*, PS*, XB*.

(* Confirmed in further development)


Y-Circ® is a registered trademark of YAMAICHI ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. in the European Union and other countries.