• Vibration-proof connectors - on water, land and in space

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  • Vibration-proof connectors - on water, land and in space

High-quality connectors ideal for Aerospace and Sensor applications

Fiber optics offer many advantages over conventional electronic systems, such as larger bandwidth capacity, lower energy consumption and dissipation, simplified architecture for data buses, as well as, immunity to electromagnetic fields. However, a harsh environment can make the use of glass fibers nearly impossible. For these demanding applications, DIAMOND has developed the vibration-proof AVIM™ connector family.

Years ago, DIAMOND developed the AVIM™ connector based on requests for special avionic applications. At the time, the standard DIN-connector was unsuitable for use in aviation and aerospace applications because of vibrations during operation. However, the AVIM™ connector was found suitable for this challenge. As a result, the connectors rugged and lightweight version, the Mini AVIM™, was selected for the EXOMARS-Rover.

As a result, the Mini AVIM™ connector has been used in a variety of avionic and sensor applications. The connector provides exceptional environmental resistance, along with outstanding optical performance, due to the combination of DIAMOND’s unique ferrule design and Active Core Alignment (ACA) technology. The new Micro AVIM™ and Midi AVIM™ connectors have recently been added to the family to provide solutions for applications not covered by existing DIAMOND products. The typical environmental conditions where these Diamond products are used are on water, land and in space.

In addition, fiber optic sensors are more often being used to detect material fatigue in infrastructures that are subjected to vibrations and corrosion. Factors, such as elongation, vibration, inclination, humidity, pH value, temperature, load weight and other data can be recorded with these detection systems. The AVIM™ and Midi AVIM™ connectors are designed and built for these types of applications.

Safety monitoring represents another upcoming and vast deployment area for fiber optics. Passive sonar systems (e.g. towed or sea-bottom sonar) equipped with optoacoustic hydrophones are used to monitor ship movements at crucial points in waterways. Good environmental resistant connectors allowing for ideal (high-end) optical performance are particularly important for these passive systems using sensitive analog signals – after all, it is not the goal to detect changes within the fiber optic connection, but rather the changing environmental conditions. To avoid potential sources of errors, reliable and high performance fiber optic connections are required. DIAMOND’s outstanding AVIM™ family fulfills all of these requirements.

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The AVIM™ family connectors comply with the following specifications:

  • IEC 61753-1 (Performance Qualification Telecom Standard)
  • IEC 61754-2 (AVIM™ compatibility with DIN LSA standard)
  • ESCC 3420/001 (ESA space standard, Detail specification for Mini AVIM™)