• Fiber-optic products

Fiber Optic Connectors and Assemblies

High performance, low-loss interconnect assemblies

At Diamond, we manufacture our fiber optic assemblies on a wide variety of fiber and cable. Depending on customer requirements, we manufacture and pre-assemble our products with different fiber and ferrule technologies. We have over 40 years experience in the field of fiber optic technology and offer both standard and custom connectors.

Your competent partner

With many years of experience in fiber optic technology, you will benefit from many advantages working with us:

  • Manufacturer of high-precision connectors
    We manufacture the components for our connectors in-house and offer a wide range of standard and special connector types. By using proprietary technologies, we achieve much tighter tolerances than the industry standard.
  • Industry Pioneer
    Diamond has been active in the field of fiber optic technology since 1979. In 1980, we produced the first series of high-precision fiber optic connectors and soon after developed the world-famous E-2000® connector.
  • Wide range of fiber and cable types
    In our warehouse, we stock thousands of kilometers of fiber and cable for applications in Telecom, Photonics, Industrial, Space, Military/Defense, Medical and many other markets. We also assemble customized fiber and cable, such as small and multicore fiber, metallic protection tubes, or fiber of various wavelengths.
  • High-reliabilty
    We process ceramic, metal and plastic from raw material to finished components in our production facility making us independent of third-party suppliers. This important factor helps minimize production delays.
  • Quality
    Since 1994, our products and processes have been governed by a quality management system certified to ISO 9001. Diamond’s suppliers are also required to comply with the QMS, ensuring continuous quality from raw material to finished product.
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