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High quality optical connections for every sector

We are an independent Swiss company with a very high technical level, thanks to years of experience in the optical connections market. Nowadays, optical fiber is found in all sectors and therefore we focus on the development and the manufacture of future-oriented passive fiber optical connections.

Thanks to our excellent products in this field Diamond, has reached the reputation of an always innovative, leading manufacturer of high-quality products. With our solutions we set standards regarding the simplicity and comfort of quality, installation, safety and maintenance. Diamond realizes projects for customers from various sectors: carriers, medicine, aviation, industry and other special domains.

As a vertically integrated company, Diamond SA is one of the few manufacturers that has full control over its manufacturing process. High-quality ceramic, metal and plastic components, from the raw material to the end product, are all processed in-house. This system allows Diamond to guarantee that every single component meets all the quality, reliability and performance standards found in Diamond products around the world.

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