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    OLiD Intelligent components

Fast and clear Optical Line Identification

The DIAMOND network acceptance test (DNA) kit is an FBG-based (Fibre Bragg Grating), user-friendly testing system for Point to Point (P2P) fibre optic networks. The system allows you to clearly identify a passive fibre optic line (OLiD) using FBGs integrated into the connector components. In this way, the integrity of the line and the flawless connection can be tested from a single access point. OLiD is a technically valuable and high-performance alternative to the red-light testing method which is very resource cost-intensive. Using this system, no interference occurs with the P2P standard telecommunications wavelengths as the interrogator from the DNA kit works with a wavelength between 800 and 870 nm. This is why telecommunications lines can be used, as the OLiD FBG codes do not affect the telecommunication wavelengths.

OLiDs can be registered on a large number of various fibre optic standard components, such as UGTs (optical transition adapters), pigtails or patch cables which can be installed temporarily or permanently in the central office (CO) or on optical termination outlets (OTOs) and to all points which are required for the applications.

The DNA kit is designed to be used multiple times and contains a practical cleaning and maintenance set for servicing work. Depending on the network configuration, OLiD components can be integrated permanently or temporarily into the data network. The DNA kit also has space to integrate and transport the temporary UGTs so that a fully equipped testing system can be provided on site.