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    Adapters Universal Interface (ADT-UNI)

Fiber optic adapters for measurement device

The ADT-UNI is a universal interface which offers diverse application possibilities for testing and measuring devices and is characterized by its high level of reliability. The universal adapters make it possible to connect directly with interchangeable adapters, particularly for E-2000™, FC, SC, DIN and ST connectors. Cleaning and inspection are easier thanks to the size of the guiding sleeve of 2.5 mm and the fact that the ferrule protrudes slightly.

The inspection and cleaning process can therefore be carried out with standard tools and without having to disassemble components. You can find all the inspection and cleaning tools on our website. The ADT connector with adapter is ideal for interfaces of testing and measuring systems. These adapters, which are suitable for SM (PC & APC version) and MM PC applications, can only be used in connection with the applicable ADT-UNI universal connector which has the right internal plug-in connection to the system.

The ADT adapters and connectors are produced as highly precise metal structures and therefore have good optical and mechanical properties. This is reflected in the very good reproducibility of the Insertion Loss (IL) values. This connector type can be fitted with single-mode and multi-mode fibres. To guarantee the best optical transfer quality, the optical values are determined as 1300 nm and 1550 nm in accordance with the IEC 61300-3-4 standard.