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OD3 Metal fiber optic connector system

The Diamond OD3 connector system offers an efficient, comprehensive and affordable solution for fibre optic cables in applications situated in harsh environmental conditions. It allows a highly reliable data transfer over far distances with high language, data and video throughput rates. With its stable version and its IP protection 67 (protection against dust and protection against water for temporary immersion of 30 minutes) and with a shock-proof and anodised metal housing, the OD3 connectors are suitable for communication applications in industrial areas, in the oil and natural gas industry, for outdoor application as well as transport and military applications.

The OD3 connector offers all mechanical and optical performance and safety features which you are already familiar with from the F-3000™ connector family. The OD3 connector is available in versions for MM, SM (PC/APC) and small-wired single-mode fibres, polarisation maintaining fibres (PM). Power Solution (PS) connector systems were developed for high-performance applications up to 3 Watt optical power, as well as for other special fibres. The Diamond terminations can be spliced in the field using the Diamond ZEUS D50 RU fusion splicing device. This makes repairs during running operation and customer-specific assembly no problem at all. The digital video inspection microscope kit and a cleaning set help protect the devices from contamination, as this is usually the most frequent cause of problems in optical networks. Proactive inspection and cleaning of the FO connectors can prevent a worsening of the signal performance, damage to equipment and network failure times.

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