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Over recent years, the fibre optic market has been confronted by a constantly growing demand for tailor-made solutions. Especially in industrial and military applications where fibre optic is only now experiencing an upsurge due to a lack of solutions, Diamond can meet many requirements thanks to their diverse solutions. More specific customer requirements regarding environmental conditions, technical/optical performance, high reliability, short-term supply and more can also be met. This can be reflected in specific properties such as vacuum suitability, vibration resistance or designs for very high or very low temperatures.

The optical parameters are just as important as the mechanical ones. As a company oriented around engineering, the employees at Diamond have grounded experience in various technologies. In addition, Diamond offers its own capacities in design, development, manufacturing and testing high-quality precision fibre optic devices and produces for a wide range of applications. For the employees at Diamond, direct contact with the customer is very important for finding the best possible solution for all participants, in every case. If you have enquiries about the development of special products, we ask you to kindly fill out the attached form. If you would like more information, please get in touch.

  • Customized Solutions
    Outdoor Connector Splitting System
  • Customized Solutions
    Dual Vacuum Feedthrough Mini AVIM®
  • Customized Solutions
    2.5mm multi-fiber ferrule for polarization maintaining (PM) or multi-core (MCF) fibers
  • Customized Solutions
    Pigtailed laser or pigtailed photdiode

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