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    E-2000™ Interlock

E-2000™ Interlock safety fiber optic connector

DIAMOND presents a new, reliable, high-quality E-2000™ fibre optic connector and mating adapter with an integrated control contact. This is a great advantage in numerous laser systems where it is preferred to block the laser beam with an external shutter, instead of changing the internal operating parameters of the laser. The E-2000™ Interlock connector is particularly well suited to high-performance applications or all other areas of application where it is important for the laser beams to be interrupted quickly for health and safety reasons.

The E-2000™ Interlock connector is available with various optical Power Solution (PS) interfaces (i.e.: PS Collimated, PSf Free Space, PM-PS, PSm, etc.) and supports all further E-2000™ standard functions:

  • Fibres with standard and small cores
  • Standard, PM and other special fibres
  • Highly precise core orientation thanks to active core alignment (ACA)
  • Coloured and mechanical coding
  • Automatic metal protective cap. The E-2000™ mating adapter also has metal screens and, thanks to exchangeable fastening clips, supports a wide range of installation solutions, even on PCBs

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