• RF over Fiber

Reliable low insertion loss RFoG / RFoF solutions

In RF over Fiber (RFoG) networks, an optical loss reduces the Signal to Noise Ratio of the same value of the optical loss (dB). Diamond products offer a very low Insertion Loss (IL), allowing the Signal to Noise ratio maximization in a RF over Glass network (RFoG). Diamond offers also Power Solutions (PS) connectors suitable to EDFA Optical Amplifiers. Diamond's PS connectors guarantee top reliability and very low Insertion Loss for High Optical Power connectors.

Our RF over Fiber solution at a glance:

Applications :

CaTV links Satcom communications
RFoG Networks Microwave links
EDFA GPS over fiber
Lidars Radio over Fiber
QPSK, QAM, OFDM fiber optic links  

Power Solution Interconnects for RFoF / RFoG applications

The PS connector systems are specially designed for high performance applications with SM fibers up to 5 Watt optical power.
Diamond PS connectors are based on contacted expanded beam technology; where a section of graded index fiber is spliced as a collimating lens, which enlarges the beam diameter and reduces power density at the connector interface.Using Diamond Active Core Alignment (ACA) technology, we can achieve unrivaled low IL performance for the PS technology by aligning the fiber exit angle instead of the core eccentricity.

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E-2000® Simplex - trust the original

Oldie but goldie: the E-2000® Simplex offers unparalleled 0.1 dB maximum insertion loss random mating, exceptional repeatability, while maintaining the already well established, superior features of the E-2000® connector family. The low insertion loss values, which can be controlled and constantly guaranteed thanks to the ACA process, are often copied, but unrivalled. In addition, all Diamond connectors are manufactured and inspected in Switzerland using clearly defined processes and only high-quality materials.

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