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    Harsh Environment Interconnects

Robust and reliable fiber optic connectors

The worldwide market for harsh-environment fiber optics is experiencing steady growth due to the rapid advances made in fiber-optic technology, as well as the increasing demand for fiber-optic components for challenging applications. As a result, DIAMOND has responded by developing a wide range of strong, reliable, and customisable indoor/outdoor field optical connectors with superior optical performances for both standard and special products that integrate technologies for High Power and Polarization Maintaining PM Solutions.

Our harsh environment solutions at a glance:
  • Active Core Alignment (ACA) process
  • Ultra-low insertion and return loss
  • Glove-proof push-pull layout
  • Single-mode or multimode optical fiber
  • Polarization maintaining optical fiber
  • High optical power option
  • APC (8° termination) option
  • Hybrid solutions (optical fiber and conductive pins in the same connector)
  • Copper contacts up to size 20 AWG
  • IP 67 and IP 68
  • Compact lensed ferrule for contaminant-immune solutions
  • Anti-contaminants protection cap
  • High reliability and mating cycles number

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