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Flexible fiber interfaces for photonics applications

The invention of the laser in 1960 marked the dawn of the photonics era and fundamentally changed the technological landscape. Today, nearly every facet of daily life is affected by photonic devices, which rely heavily on fiber optics to efficiently transport and manipulate light.

The combination of mechanical and optical precision in Diamond's products is a testament to their impeccable light output and polarization quality. This precision results in minimal Insertion Loss  (IL) and the highest Polarization Extinction Ratios (PER). Diamond's Active Core Alignment (ACA) and Polarization Maintaining (PM) technologies are essential for demanding photonic applications. Applications such as:

  • interferometry,
  • fiber sensors and lidars,
  • polarization sensitive optical coherence tomography and spectroscopy,
  • quantum photonics,
  • single photon applications,
  • optical switches and
  • optical gyroscopes

benefit greatly from these advances.

High Power Applications

In addition, Diamond's Power Solution (PS) products are innovatively designed to meet the increasing high power demands of various sectors within the growing laser industry. This includes areas such as laser diodes, fiber lasers, laser beam combining, beam delivery, nonlinear optics and power over fiber applications.

Diamond's extensive portfolio of fiber components and assemblies revolutionizes fiber handling, making it more convenient and efficient. Notable offerings include Diamond's lensed connectors, which effectively mitigate contamination concerns through non-contact connections, and high-precision interface modules (IMOD), which ensure optimal fiber-to-free space coupling with µm-level reproducibility of fiber core position. Other offerings include PM pigtail lasers, mating adapters, gold optical reflectors, optical sacrificial interfaces, variable attenuators, mode conditioners and more.

This ongoing commitment to research and innovation allows Diamond to continually introduce new, cutting-edge solutions that shape the future of photonics applications.

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