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Transceivers - transmit, receive and convert optical and electrical signals

Transceivers are important components in fiber optic networks such as data centers. They are a combination of signal transmitter and signal receiver, which is where the compound name of the component comes from (receiver = English for receiver; transmitter = English for transmitter). Their task is to convert electrical signals into optical signals and vice versa. Electrical signals arriving in the Transceivers are converted into optical signals, which can then be transmitted to fiber optic networks. Conversely, they also convert optical signals into electrical ones and pass them on.

Typical flexible use for Transceivers

The modules are primarily used in telecommunications and in the construction of Ethernet. They are therefore very often found in the networking of buildings and in data centers. Their installation is very simple, as the installer only has to plug them in. Due to the possibility of hot swap, the installation can even be carried out during operation. This saves labor, prevents downtime of connected networks and devices, and thus reduces costs overall.

Different types in the Diamond portfolio

The Active Transmitter / Receiver (MAT/MAR) modules are components that interconnect assembled E-2000® fiber optic cables for data transmission by securely connecting the optoelectrics to the fiber optic cables. The special feature of the MAT and MAR is that they provide reliable results even under mechanical stress and temperature fluctuations. They work stably and reproducibly even beyond 1000 mating cycles.

The Diamond BiDi-SFP modules are suitable for singlemode, Gigabit Ethernet and fit F-3000® and LC connectors. As the metal body has a release lever, the module can be dismantled quickly and easily. Particularly practical is that SFP BiDi Transceivers make it possible to double the transmission capacity of existing duplex fiber optic cabling. The bidirectional transmission of optical signals via single-mode fiber is particularly easy to use. For this purpose, WDM Modules (wavelength division multiplexing) use different wavelengths for the two transmission directions and corresponding wavelength filters for the receiver.

F-3000® SFP Modules are suitable for multimode as well as for singlemode, Gigabit and Fast Ethernet. They also come with a release lever and fit the F-3000® or LC connector types.

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