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Hybrid Adapters

Hybrid adapters are used to link connectors of two different standards. These interfaces are generally of the female-to-female type and can also be mounted and fastened in standard patch panel holes. Thanks to their excellent optical and mechanical specifications, the Diamond hybrid adapters offer an advantageous variant for hybrid patchcords and are quite useful for measurement technicians in situations where the right measurement cable with the correct combination of connectors is never available.

The Diamond hybrid adapters comply with international standards and are subject to the strictest quality control throughout the manufacturing process.

The hybrid adapters are available in SM PC/APC and MM PC. For the Standard, E-2000® and F-3000® versions.

  • Housing made of ROHS plastic and/or metal (nickel-plated copper, nickel-plated Zamak, nickel silver), depending on the type.
  • High-precision Diamond ceramic ferrule
  • Low insertion loss
  • Excellent repeatability rate
  • Extended temperature range sheet
  • Complies with IEC, TIA/EIA, Telecordia standards
  • E-2000® versions compatible with the E-2000® mechanical coding system
Fields of application:
  • Telecommunication networks
  • Local area networks
  • Data centers
  • Cable television networks
  • Corporate networks
  • Laboratories and measurements
  • Industry and military

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