• Active Core Alignment (ACA)

Ultra low-loss fiber optic ferrule

Diamond's high performance interconnects, renowned for their ultra low-loss values, represent the pinnacle of the industry, surpassing conventional standards. Using only the highest quality materials, our interconnects are engineered to deliver optimum performance and unmatched reliability.

The cornerstone of our success is the meticulous Active Core Alignment (ACA) process, seamlessly integrated into our advanced fiber optic component manufacturing techniques, honed and perfected over two decades. Our primary mission has been to redefine what's possible in fiber optic connectivity, and this dedication is reflected in our achievement of ultra low-loss (Insertion Loss IL) values.

Our patented two-component ferrule and proprietary Active Core Alignment technology set the stage for exceptional performance. By deforming the end face after fiber polymerization, this complex process achieves precise alignment and reduces fiber-to-fiber eccentricity to unprecedented levels. The result is an IL as low as 0.05dB* - a remarkable achievement that exceeds industry standards.

Diamond's commitment to constant innovation doesn't stop there. Our connectors offer unmatched low-loss values, even with small core diameters, making them the first choice for applications requiring the highest precision. High return loss (RL) further underscores the reliability of our interconnects, ensuring efficient signal transmission and reception in a wide range of applications.

What truly sets us apart is our ability to extend these benefits to polarization maintaining (PM) fibers, where our technology exceeds the IL performance of any other technology on the market. This achievement is a testament to our continued pursuit of excellence in fiber optic connectivity.

In essence, our fusion of innovative technology and precision engineering is the foundation for exceptional connectors. By pushing the limits, our ultra-low loss interconnects, with values as low as 0.05dB, redefine what is possible in the world of fiber optics and set new standards for performance and reliability.


  • Ultra low-loss values
  • Unbeatable low Insertion Loss (IL) for small core diameters
  • High return loss (RL)
  • Applicable to PM fibers

Available in the following products:
SM, 0.1dB grade, VIS/NIR (low wavelength), PS (power solution), PM (polarization maintaining), and X-Beam (expanded beam).


* On selected fiber, wavelength and connector design

Active Core Alignment Process