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Test and Calibration Lab

Well-founded expertise in measurement and test

The continuous and detailed verification of the optical and mechanical characteristics of high technology products is a guarantee of quality and reliability over a long period of time. This goal is achieved with a superior technical competence and specific instrumentation.

The test and calibration laboratory at Diamond SA has been accredited by the Swiss Accreditation Service (SAS) since March 2002.  The testing laboratory for fiber optic components is certified to STS 0333 and the calibration laboratory for fiber optic measurement instruments to SCS 0101.  These are both also in accordance with the ISO / IEC 17025:2005 standard. The test and calibration laboratories are used to perform measurement, test and calibration not only for Diamond SA, its' Subsidiaries and Representatives all over the world, but also directly for external customers.

Our SAS accredited test and calibration laboratory offers the following worldwide recognized services:


Calibration of fiber optic measurement instruments

We perform the calibration of the following fiber optic measurement instruments:


Measurement and test on fiber optic components

We perform the following measurements and tests on fiber optic components:

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Additional services

We offer additional services in the field of fiber optic technology: