• Military / Space / Avionics

    Military / Space / Avionics

Rugged and high performance fiber optic solutions

Diamond has a long history of providing highly reliable products designed for the military, aerospace and avionics markets. Our offerings include a wide range of rugged, high-performance fiber optic solutions that are carefully engineered to provide the flexibility, modularity and durability to meet the demanding conditions found in these environments.

Within Diamond's suite of interconnect solutions, we are proud to offer our cutting-edge technology, Active Core Alignment (ACA), seamlessly integrated into our leading optical interfaces, such as our DM4 hybrid optical/electrical inserts for our MIL connector series, as well as custom optical assemblies. The technology is fully compatible with other of our renowned technologies such as Power Solution (PS), Polarization Maintaining (PM), VIS/NIR interfaces and others.

Along with providing solutions to these sectors, Diamond's expertise extends to the assembly of specialty fibers and cables, such as PEEK or armored cables, ensuring that our fiber optic solutions can withstand and excel in the challenging conditions often found in these areas. This commitment to innovation and adaptability underscores our dedication to providing advanced fiber optic solutions across a spectrum of demanding applications.


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