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Powerful Fiber Optic Accessories and Fiber Optic Components

Diamond manufactures and develops a complete range of optical components and Fiber Optical Components including fanouts, optical Attenuation Patch and reference Patchcords for laboratory fiber optic applications or telecommunications networks. Diamond guarantees the highest performance and reliability for its Fiber Optical Components and Optical Components and can also offer them for medical, aeronautical and military applications where the recognised standards require a high level of quality.

Powerful and reliable Fiber Optic Accessories and Fiber Optical Components from Diamond


Attenuation Patch

Attenuation Patches adjust the transmission level to the dynamics of the receiver. The wavelength-independent and stable attenuation values for typical bandwidths in telecommunication applications are remarkable.

SI Optical Sacrificial Interfaces

Optical sacrificial interfaces are also called sacrificial interfaces. They are used to prevent damage and contamination of connector faces, thus reducing downtime e.g., due to recalibration, to a minimum.

OTM Optical Termination Modules

Optical terminators are used at unused outputs of measuring instruments and the like. With these components it is important that they minimize back reflections at the end of the line.

OGR Optical Gold Reflectors

Optical reflectors represent fiber terminations that return the highest possible reflections into the fiber. They are used e.g., for calibrations and reflection measurements.

Fan-Out Assemblies

FanOut Assemblies are suitable for installations without expensive equipment and tools. They are assembled according to your wishes and are suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.

Break-Out Assemblies

BREAK-OUT can be used when fiber optic cabling is to be done without expensive tools. They can be installed in indoor areas e.g., in hollow ceilings and hollow floors and cable ducts. We also assemble the connector and fiber types according to your wishes.

Reference Patchcords

Fiber optic reference connectors are part of the measurement equipment and have very low tolerances. The performance of these reference Patchcords is significantly determined, for example, by the centring angle of the fiber core axis and the variability of the diameter of the mode field.

Attenuation Patch

The OAF-PATCH family is suitable for every connector type and offers several nominal attenuation levels. They are ideal when high-precision attenuation, simple and compact wiring and individual connectors are required.

VFL Test Cable for Visual Fault Locator

The Diamond test cable for red light sources is characterized by extremely low transfer of dirt particles to other end surfaces thanks to its slightly recessed ferrule. This protects the connector surfaces, as it reduces the need for time-consuming cleaning procedures, for example.

OTDR Measuring Devices

OTDR Measuring Devices are used in many ways in fiber optic technology. For example, they enable extensive characterization of already installed fiber optic cabling networks.

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