• XB Lensed Ferrule - The Lensed Revolution

    XB Lensed Ferrule - The Lensed Revolution

    The XB lensed connectors stand for absolute robustness paired with dirt-proof insertion loss and high-power resilience - ideal for harsh environments.

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  • E-2000™ Connector

    E-2000™ Connector

    The E-2000™ fiber optic connector family can cover the most standard and customized requirements in response to increasing customer demands.

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  • Mini AVIM™ fiber optic interconnect

    Mini AVIM™ fiber optic interconnect

    Due to its high optical performances coupled with vibration and shock enhanced resistance, this small and light fiber optic connector is officially qualified by European Space Agency (ESA), making it ideal for space applications.

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  • DM4 Multipurpose Termini

    DM4 Multipurpose Termini

    The new Diamond Multipurpose Insert is the core of the existing HE-2000™, MIL-38999 DM4 size 13 and MIL-83526 DM4 Diamond connectors. Furthermore, the design of the DM4 OEM insert is constructed to fit into a variety of different connector housings.

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Coronavirus Announcement

We understand that the health and well-being of all our customers, employees, families and friends during the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic is our number one priority.  We will be monitoring the recommendations of the world health organizations and local government to determine what steps to take going forward and communicate them to you.  For now, our goal is to remain open and operational, so that we can continue delivering the high-quality products and services that you expect from us.

Thank you for your patience and your commitment to DIAMOND during this turbulent time.  You can count on us!


DIAMOND fiber optic solutions

The extensive Diamond fiber optic product offering includes a full range of active and passive interconnect cables, assemblies and components.  In addition, we offer fiber optic equipment, tools & services serving the Industrial, Medical, Space, Avionics, Military markets and more.  Our Massachusetts manufacturing facility employs state-of-the art production methods and techniques.  We are certified to ISO 9001 quality standards to meet the ever-changing needs and high demands of our customers.

Special Assemblies

Customized Solutions

Solutions for challenging applications

Over recent years, the fibre optic market has been confronted by a constantly growing…

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We are an independent Swiss company with a very high technical level, thanks to years of experience in the optical connections market. Nowadays, optical fiber is found in all sectors and therefore we focus on the development and the manufacture of future-oriented passive fiber optical connections. 

DIAMOND - high performance solutions

DIAMOND is a worldwide leader in supplying high precision fiber optic solutions and has been serving successfully several markets for over 30 years.

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Worldwide locations

Now you can find the branches of our company throughout the world, in a more direct and easy way, with the help of our new interactive map.

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Cleaning & Inspection

The fast-growing deployment of optical fiber in industrial, avionic, military and transportation applications are leading to the increasing use of…

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Mating Adapter for High Power

Today’s high-power pump lasers utilize multimode fibers that typically require a low loss fiber optic connection to ensure ultimate performance.…

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ISO 9001 Certified


27 April - 1 May 2020

SPIE Defense + Commercial Sensing 2020 Digital Forum

Join us for the SPIE Defense + Commercial Sensing Digital Forum | 27 April - 1 May 2020


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26 - 28 May 2020

Photonics North 2020

This year Photonics North will be carried out on-line and the organizers will make every…

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