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    F-SMA multimode fiber optic connector


Diamond offers two different F-SMA multimode connector types, depending on the laser beam power level and the specific application. The standard version connector used with multimode 50μm fiber for telecomm applications and the large core multimode fiber version for higher power levels, primarily found in industrial and medical applications.

Diamond also offers the F-SMA PSi connector, which is based on free standing fiber technology and is available in mode guider and mode stripper versions. (for more details, please refer to the F-SMA PSi datasheet). 

For F-SMA connectors used in free space applications, Diamond offers the F-SMA Interface Module (IMOD), which is a half adapter with high precision, repeatable positioning in both axial and radial directions. 


  • Tight mechanical tolerances
  • Suitable for MM fibers from 100µm up to 1200µm

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