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    Push-Pull fiber optic connector with protection shutter


Diamond has developed the new robust and reliable push-pull connector HE-2000® IP protection 67 (protection against dust and water for temporary immersion of 30 minutes) in a plugged-in condition so that connections can be established safely and quickly with excellent optical and mechanical properties, even in challenging applications. The HE-2000® was designed around the innovative DM insert (Diamond Multipurpose) and has over four (4) terminations which use the Diamond two-component ferrules. The company’s own ACA (Active Core Alignment) process was used in the development of the connector to guarantee an unparalleled concentricity of the fibre core.

The connector is also fitted with electrical contacts for hybrid E/O applications. Thanks to the unique automatically locking dustcap on the connector part and a manual closure on the housing, the optical and electrical terminations are protected against dust and water. The HE-2000® was developed for MM, SM (PC/APC versions) and single-mode fibres with small cores, but also for polarisation maintaining (PM) fibers, XB Lensed Ferrule and Power Solution (PS) connector systems for high-performance up to 3 Watt optical power and further special fibre types are available.

The digital video inspection microscope kit and the cleaning set prevent contamination, as this is usually the most frequent cause of problems in optical networks. Proactive inspection and cleaning of the FO connectors can prevent a worsening of the signal performance, damage to equipment and network failure times.


HE-2000® is a registered trademark of DIAMOND SA in the European Union and other countries.

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