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SC Simplex & Duplex

The Diamond SC connectors are available in simplex and duplex versions, in PC and APC single-mode, as well as multi-mode PC. These connectors are produced based on our patented two-component ceramic ferrule and the “Active Core Alignment” (ACA) technology aimed at reducing the values of insertion and reflection loss, while minimizing the core-to-core eccentricity of optical fiber. The Diamond SC connectors are available both as terminal connectors assembled at our production facility or by our approved partners, or as a set for assembly directly on-site using specific Diamond equipment.

ACA (active core alignment) considerably improves their performance in terms of insertion loss (typically < 0.2 dB; max 0.4 dB for single-mode and multi-mode versions) and reflection loss (< 70 dB for the single-mode APC version).

Other technologies available include: PM (polarisation-maintaining), PS (power levels greater than 23 dBm), VIS/NIR (low wavelength and low mode fields), OLID...

On the other hand, the fact that this range of connectors is designed based on the famous Diamond composite ferrules (ceramic sleeve with a titanium insert) offers the possibility of installing special optical fiber with non-standard diameters (from 80 μm to 280 μm) or even the possibility of using the Diamond Multi-Fiber technology (several fibers installed in a single ferrule 2.50 mm in diameter).

For further information or specific configuration data, please contact your DIAMOND advisor or contact us via the “Request an offer” form, available on-line on this site.

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