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Fiber optic connectors - connection types for every application

Diamond fiber optic patchcords and assemblies are used for various cable types and constructions and are suitable for a wide range of applications. We test and produce according to telecom, industrial or military standards. We assemble our components into finished products and assemble fiber optic connectors onto fibers and cables of various types. Depending on customer requirements, we are able to offer and assemble products with different fiber optic and ferrule technologies. Diamond uses a bicomponent ferrule for its connectors, which consists of a high precision ceramic ferrule tube with a titanium insert. This ferrule, combined with the patented core-to-core centring process that aligns the fiber core with the ferrule axis, reduces insertion loss values to a minimum. This special process allows Diamond to fabricate high performance products as standard.

Connectors and applications

In our range you will also find the right connector for your project. No matter whether you need a standard connector, a fiber optic connector for the transmission of high optical power or are interested in solutions for industrial environments. The products of Diamond SA are characterized by the highest reliability and safety. Click through our portfolio of standard connectors, high-power and polarization-maintaining connectors, lens connectors, vacuum connection solutions and special products for use in harsh environments that can be characterized by extreme temperatures, shocks and vibrations.

Powerful optical networks through fiber optic connector

Fiber optic interconnects, also called fiber optic connector, are used to connect optical fibers detachably to each other or to other components. For example, fiber optic connectors connect transmitters and receivers or amplifiers in communications technology or laser devices and radiation detectors in measurement technology. Fiber optic adapters are therefore important components of fiber optic systems. Fiber optic adapters show their strength when it comes to aligning the individual fibers of one cable with the fibers of another cable. In this way, they make it possible to connect individual fiber optic patchcords or extended networks, allowing many devices to communicate in parallel.

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