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Cleaning Kit DiaClean

Proper performance of a fiber optic connection is strongly dependent on the cleanliness of the mated ferrules. DIAMOND connectors are thoroughly inspected and cleaned prior to shipment and do not require cleaning before being placed into service. After repeated mattings, however, or when degraded performance is observed, it may become necessary to clean the individual ferrules and mating sleeve. DIAMONDs cleaning set DiaClean contains all necessary tools for proper cleaning and inspection of the connector’s front-faces to help ensure optimal connector performances.

This compact, lightweight and ergonomic inspection Microscope is specifically designed for inspecting ferrule and fibre end faces in the field or the laboratory. The microscope provides dual-illumination, both coaxial and oblique; to produce the highest-quality image detail and superior view of fibre end face cleanliness and core condition. 

Fold back rubber eyecup for eyeglass wearers, allows a tight fit and eliminates all reflections given by incident lights into the eyepiece. Universal adapter ø 2.5 mm, and 1.25mm as well as soft case are included. Other interchangeable connector specific adapters are available upon request.

A complete list of the specific adapters is found in the P.N list

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