• DM4 Multipurpose Termini

Optical / electrical insert for various outdoor and industrial connector types

One of the main purposes of an outdoor connector is to protect against the intrusion of dirt and water, along with the resistant against vibration.  In addition, it can transmit optical and electrical signals, as well as, contains properties that make it suitable for both analog and digital applications. Furthermore, it should work with different optical fiber types and, of course, possess excellent optical and mechanical characteristics. All these qualities can be found in the new Diamond Multipurpose DM4 insert, which is specifically designed for use in various outdoor and industrial connector types.

Characteristics of the connections

  • Compatible with different types of fibers such as HCS, MM, SM, PM and low core diameter fibers
  • Available in PC and APC polishing
  • On-site assembly and repairs with Diamond Crocodile-Fusion-Alberino
  • Contact surface of the titanium ferrule

Characteristics of DM4 inserts

  • Based on standard 2.5 mm Alberinos with integrated springs to avoid contact interruptions
  • Up to four optical and / or electrical channels
  • Simple assembly and disassembly of contacts for on-site integration and repair
  • Spring contact sleeve for inserting ferrules and electrical contacts
  • Superior optical and mechanical properties
  • Designed to be integrated into a wide variety of connector bodies

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