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Video Inspection Microscope

Contamination is the first reason for troubleshooting optical networks. Proactive inspection and cleaning of fibre connectors can prevent poor signal performance, damage to equipment, and network downtime. DIAMOND’s Video Microscope Kit contains all necessary tools for proper inspection and cleaning of the connector’s front-faces to help ensure optimal connector performance. 

The new generation OLP-82P video inspection microscope meets today’s requirements for safety, reliability and quality, and is the first hand-held easy-to-use field inspection tool and optical power meter (OPM) into one solution. The microscope has an automatic image-centring feature, which centres the fibre image on the screen. The OPM has multiple calibrated wavelengths from 780 to 1625 nm. The device store’s both inspection and measurement readings. Test results certification reports can be generated as document work quality; this will optimize the technician’s efficiency so that they can complete a right job already at the first time. 

The microscope offers a high-resolution 3.5-inch colour LCD video display, integrated end-face illumination for inspection of 2.5 mm or 1.25 mm (PC and APC) ferrules, for both, unmated connector, and in-adapter connectors with the inspection probe. A complete list of the specific adapters is found in the P.N list

The he P5000i digital inspection probe for in-adapter inspection can also be used as stand-alone device and can be directly connected via USB to laptops or PCs, without the need for an external power supply.

  • Digital video inspection microsope-case
    Digital video inspection microsope-case
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