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OTDR measuring devices are used in various ways in fibre optic technology. They enable extensive characterisation of existing fibre optic cabling networks. The use of launch and receive fibres is advantageous when it comes to ensuring precise results evaluations. With bidirectional backscatter measurements with launch and receive fibres, the attenuation values of the first and last plug-in connection can be determined precisely by averaging and device dead zones can be avoided. Measuring device manufacturers recommend different lengths of launch and receives fibres to avoid “phantom reflections”. These launch and receive fibres are also subject to measuring equipment monitoring and should regularly undergo revision in accordance with the OTDR measuring devices. A good measurement result depends on the state and quality of the measuring equipment used. Diamond offers various types of launch and receive fibres, one with standard telecommunications connectors and the other with an outdoor connector for harsh environments. 

These cases have place for up to four (of the same or different) fibre rings. They are made from shock-proof plastic and offer IP67 protection of measuring conductors in a closed state. The cases are also supplied with a service handbook which documents the optical master data of the selected fibres and the OTDR measurements and connector front faces upon delivery. 

In addition, optional special transition parts (sacrificial interfaces) can also be used together with the launch and receive fibres and which can offer even better protection to the connector front faces with the repeated plugging and unplugging.

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