• Lensed Ferrule (XB)

Expanded Beam Technology

In a lensed fiber optical connection, the alignment accuracy between the fiber, the lens and their corresponding counterpart must be kept very tight in order to attain proper insertion losses. Diamond has developed an ultra-low tolerance optical sub-assembly with a micro lens and a ferrule embedded in a high precision guide ceramic sleeve. This is accomplished through ultra-precise machining of ceramics and opto-mechanical parts, along with a vertically integrated manufacturing process, from the raw materials to the finished product, and a consequent quality system. The result is a high performance, exceedingly reliable lensed-ferrule assembly offering compact size and highly repeatable low insertion loss.

A Diamond lensed-ferrule assembly can fit standard connector bodies as well as many different connectivity solutions, thanks to its modular conception, and can be pondered as a substitute of physical contact (PC) ferrules, when mating-cycles, dust insensitivity, reliability and low losses matter.

Advantages Applications
Low Insertion Loss Military
Non-contact connection Harsh Environments
Insensitive to dirt Petrochemical plants
High power Mining
Low risk to damage Offshore systems
Suitable to standard connectors bodies Lidars
Field repairable Industrial
Easy cleaning FTTA
Multichannel Optical sensors
Hybrid Spectroscopy
  Outside broadcast