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    ST Family

IEC 61754-2 fiber optic connector

The ST connector family (straight tip) represents the standard connector type for installations and is frequently used in local networks. A typical feature of the ST connector family is the bayonet connection, also known as the BFOC connector (bayonet FO connector). The standard ST FO connector for telecommunications (USA), LAN, industry, medical and sensor technology. The ST FO connector family meets the standards: IEC 61754-2 and CECC 86 115-801.

The ST Standard mating adapters (metal) can be used for all ST FO connectors (not just Diamond products). The adapter has a highly precise zirconium sleeve. ST Alberino FO connector for telecommunications (USA), CATV (USA), LAN, measuring and testing devices in industry. Diamond has developed a range of products with the same “Alberino” core piece for the following connectors: ST, E-2000® /SC/FC. The “Alberino” insert can be used in all the connectors mentioned above. Its values are identical with those of the ST Standard connectors.

This technology offers: 
  • High-quality plug-in connections
  • Repeatable connections and a high level of stability
  • Simple expansion of existing systems
  • Reduced storage costs


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