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When you use a fibre optic connection, you are relying on technology which has proven practical success dating back 30 years. For you, this means safety, reliability and a sufficient reserve bandwidth for today and tomorrow. Properties connected with a fibre optic network increase their value. Communities with a well-structured fibre optic network attract a lot of interest as economical hubs.

The further development of existing industrial areas is another long-term argument for fibre optic connections. HD video on demand, cloud computing and telepresence for international companies are just a few of the emerging applications.

New requirements and new video formats such as ultra-HDTV continually increase the demand for data bandwidths. More than 30 years of experience in development. This is not just due to the excellent quality and reliability of our products, but also due to our premium support and service. We can offer you competent advice and support, in person and around the world.

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