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Power Solution (PS) and Polarization Maintaining (PM) Connector Solutions

Diamond Power Solution (PS) connector series is recommended for high power (>50mW) fiber optic transmission to ensure high reliability and a low Insertion Loss. Our expanded beam technology reduces the beam power density at the connector interface, allowing connections with an incredibly low failure rate for optical signals up to 16 W. Simultaneously, they ensure high transmission efficiency, further minimizing Insertion Loss by using our patented Active Core Alignment Technology (ACA). PS solutions have been developed to support applications, such as power over fiber, optical amplifier connections, lidars, Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV), remote fiber sensor systems and high-power laser applications often used in the medical and industrial fields.

Available products and features are as follows:

  • Standard E-2000® and F-3000® or “custom-connector”
  • Integrated metal protection caps and shutters
  • Interlock option (mating adapter with an integrated electrical circuit breaker)
  • PM-PS option (Polarization Maintaining-Power Solution)
  • PSm option Power Solution on multimode (MM) fiber up to 400 W
  • Psi Power Solution free space

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