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MFS Multi Fiber System


The Diamond Multiple Fiber System (MFS)combines Diamond`s advanced polishing technology and the flexibility of the MT ferrule resulting in a high density and performance modular solution, which can be utilized in both back plane and front panel applications.

The MFS plug are available in 4-,8-, & 12- fiber versions, PC and APC finishes, and support both multi-mode and single mode applications. The MFS back plane modules are compact, supporting up to 48 fibers in a 24.8 x 15.8 mm footprint and are designed for compatibility and integration with standard metric back plane systems. Each module can accept up to 4 plugs, which can be added or removed incrementally.

The FAN-OUT cords

A fan-out cable assembly typically consists of multiple fiber connectors terminated on multiple ribbon fiber or cable on one end and single fiber connectors terminated on 900um tubing on the other. A Fan-Out is used to facilitate the conversion from the ribbon to individual fiber format.

Diamond’s Fan-Out has a number of distinguishable features including strain relief boots for superior bend radius protection and an innovative stackable design. It’s compact size, 12 fiber capacity, and integrated strain releaf, makes it a clear choice for high density and high reliability applications. These assemblies are available with Diamond’s advanced MFS or MPO connectors and almost all industry standard single fiber connectors.

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