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    Mini AVIM® ESA Re-Qualification

DIAMOND's Mini AVIM® Receives ESA Re-Certification as a Qualified Space Grade Connector

We are pleased to announce that DIAMOND's Mini AVIM® connector has been re-certified as a qualified space grade connector by the European Space Agency (ESA). This prestigious re-certification underscores DIAMOND's commitment to maintaining the highest standards of quality and reliability in our products.

The Mini AVIM® connector is the only single channel fiber optic connector to be certified as a Space Grade connector, reaffirming its position as a trusted choice for critical Space applications. This re-certification marks another milestone in DIAMOND's long-standing partnership with ESA and our commitment to providing leading-edge solutions to the Space industry.

The re-certification process involved rigorous evaluation and testing to ensure compliance with ESA's stringent standards for optical cable assemblies. With more than a decade of effort invested in discussions, evaluation, qualification, and delivery of flight models, DIAMOND continues to set the standard for excellence in Space Grade fiber optic connectors.

We sincerely thank ESA for their continued cooperation and recognition of DIAMOND's commitment to excellence. As we look to the future, DIAMOND remains steadfast in our mission to provide innovative and reliable solutions that meet the evolving needs of the aerospace industry.

Stay tuned for more updates and advancements from DIAMOND as we continue to push the boundaries of Space technology.