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Fiber Optic Outlets

Fiber Optic Wall Distributors and Fiber Optic Outlets serve the purpose of connecting network connections with end devices and are thus important components of the infrastructure for Fiber Optic Technology. In principle, Fiber Optic Outlets are available as a flush-mounted variant or as a surface-mounted box (AP box). The latter type of Outlets is used in damp rooms, basements, garages, and outdoor areas. In addition, they can also be used in other places, as the visual appearance is not considered disturbing.

Surface-mounted installation

The advantage of surface-mounted installation on the wall or ceiling is that cables can still be laid and adapted at a later date. In addition, with Surface-Mounted Outlet you are independent of rigid installation zones and the risk of subsequent damage due to accidental drilling is minimal. With OTO Surface-Mounted Outlets, the cables are either laid directly on the wall or ceiling or disappear into electrical installation pipes. Brides attach the cables to the wall and ideally lay them as straight and inconspicuous as possible. The cables must always run vertically or horizontally. Form transitions into bends.

Fiber Optic Outlets from Diamond

DIAMOND offers a portfolio of Fiber Optic Outlets for cabling fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) networks. The junction boxes are ideally suited for broadband Fiber Optic Telecommunication networks as well as interfaces to building automation and Internet-of-Things (IoT) applications.

Diamond itself has developed the DiaOTO fiber optic outlet and produces it in Switzerland. The fiber optic outlet has up to four optical channels and is a surface mount (AP) outlet. Due to the use of our own high-quality components, the fiber optic outlet is not only characterized by a modern and compact design, but also convinces with its fiber optic centerpieces and fiber optic connectors with a low insertion loss (IL) and high return loss (RL). The Outlets met Swisscom's technical requirements.

The EDIZIOdue UP outlet contains a DIAMOND F-3000® centerpiece with laser and dust protection cap. It is compatible with the current standard (IEC 61754-20/ED1) and complies with OFCOM's current technical performance characteristics (FTTH in-house).

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